Veteran & War Memorials

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Custom Veteran Monuments

Honoring our veterans is a significant part of American tradition and culture. West Memorials provides families and local organizations with memorials and monuments to express permanent displays of appreciation to our veterans and their families.

We craft enduring tributes to honor the service and sacrifices of our nation’s heroes. Our dedicated team at West Memorials specializes in creating custom-designed monuments and memorials that symbolize gratitude, unity and remembrance.

What Are Veterans Memorials and Monuments?

At the intersection of history, remembrance and honor, custom military memorials and monuments stand as enduring symbols of gratitude. They pay homage to the brave men and women who have served our nation. We take great pride in creating solemn structures that stand as pillars of freedom.

Our custom military monuments encapsulate the collective memory of duty, sacrifice and resilience of our heroes, making them an integral part of our historical and cultural landscape. Our team at West Memorials work with friends, families and local organizations to design custom monuments that pay tribute to our veterans.

Together, we help create a beautiful and unique piece of art that is unique to each client’s style and personal preference for our service men and women of their military branch. Talk to our team of artists to create a custom military monument that will honor world war 1 (WWI), world war 2 (WWII), veterans and first responders for generations.

Persian Gulf, Afghanistan, Korean War, Vietnam, WW2, WW1 Wars

Each custom monument and memorial is a testament to the unique experiences our veterans encountered in specific wars and conflicts. We work with our clients to express their testimonies; from the sprawling WWII memorial monument dedicated to the memory of those from Shelby County who gave their lives in defense of freedom to the contemplative Vietnam Veterans memorial, we strive to capture the essence of the times they represent.

The Persian Gulf Memorial symbolizes the unity of a diverse coalition, while the Afghanistan War monument reflects the complexities of the ongoing struggle against terrorism in a rapidly changing world. Our experienced and knowledgeable artists craft these structures with symbolism to make them powerful stories that convey the emotional and historical weight the events commemorate.

Our custom veteran memorials serve as a place of solace and reflection, offering a space for communities and loved ones to gather and pay respects. The Korean War Memorial, for example, honors all Korean war heroes who sacrificed for our country’s freedom, inspiring a sense of solemnity and remembrance.

We work with our clients to create custom war monuments that tell powerful stories through thoughtful design and symbolism.

War Veterans or Specific Soldiers and Groups

Our commitment to memorializing the profound sacrifices made by our men and women who served, we work with our clients to create custom military monuments that pay homage to individual war veterans and specific soldiers or groups.

The team’s approach recognizes the unique stories and contributions each war veteran deserves. That’s why West Memorials ensures the sacrifice and service of these remarkable individuals isn’t only acknowledged but eternally remembered.

West Memorials bring authenticity and a deep connection to each monument’s story. We do this by working closely with our clients to ensure the final design resonates with the family and community and honors our war veterans in the most meaningful way.

Project Management

Creating custom veteran monuments is a large-scale project that requires an experienced project manager to be our clients’ main point of contact. We work with a knowledgeable and professional team to ensure a seamless journey through each project phase, from concept to completion.

West Memorials offers comprehensive project management services that include planning, budgeting, manufacturing and installing custom monuments to ensure a smooth and on-time delivery. We strive to deliver our projects within the client’s set timelines.

Our approach to project management for veteran memorials and monuments ensures a seamless journey up to the point of unveiling our hero’s lasting legacy.

Custom Designs

Our military monuments are meticulously designed to go beyond mere sculptures. We understand the significance of each war and conflict. As such, our custom veteran monuments are designed and tailored to capture each veteran’s unique experiences.

Our commitment to inclusivity is reflected in our designs, ensuring we respectfully and diligently represent the diverse contributions of our heroes. Embracing inclusivity allows us to create more comprehensive designs that capture the entirety of the hero’s experience.

With an extensive knowledge of materials and work processes, our dedicated artists create truly unique custom monument designs. We also encourage clients to share ideas that make our creations more than custom-engraved stonework. We provide complete drawings and renderings, needed for city, state, or government approval. These drawings help with fundraising efforts. Visual representations for communities to anticipate the dedication ceremonies.


West Memorials is committed to honoring the sacrifices of veterans and first responders, which extends beyond design to the meticulous and respectful installation of custom monuments. We ensure all installations are seamlessly executed, ensuring they become an integral part of the landscape while preserving their dignity and significance.

The skilled installation team prides itself on undertaking each project with the utmost precision and dedication. These include assessing the environmental conditions, soil stability and other factors critical to the monument’s long-term integrity. Besides immortalizing our veterans, we take great care to minimize disrupting the surrounding environment, preserving the site’s natural beauty.

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West Memorials designs, creates and installs custom monuments nationwide. We will have them installed wherever you need them while ensuring that the final result isn’t only a visually striking monument but also a resilient and lasting tribute to our nation’s heroes. Contact our dedicated team today to discuss designs and ideas to help honor our local veterans, or check out our FAQs for more insight into our services. Please call us to start. Our phone number is (888) 973-5230.