Our memorial gallery and studio is in the Arts District of Memphis, TN. However, we have installed custom memorials in every state and several countries. When the final memorial is completed, we will ship and have the memorial installed.

Our memorials and headstones are all custom-made to fit your specific design requests. We can make any design in different sizes, different granite colors or with any changes you would like. Design decisions will affect price, so we can only provide an accurate price based on your specific requests. We can create granite memorials that work within your budget.

Please contact us online with your specific design requests and we will be glad to provide pricing estimates so we can get you started in a direction to find the most beautiful memorial design that fits your needs.

No, we do not create flat headstones. We create upright headstones, monuments and mausoleums.

We are better at designing unique monuments than your local company and you will find we will surpass them in customer service as well.

I, also, try to buy locally, but only if it is my best choice. Many local companies carry ordinary stock gravestones and grave markers but most don’t do much creative or custom cemetery art.  Custom stone work is the focal point of our business, so we have an experienced design team, graphic artists, the best sculptors and state-of-the art equipment.

It is illegal and untrue. Westmemorials.com and our designs are protected by copyright laws.

The pictures you are seeing are the result of discussions and drawings between us and our clients. We have used the same sculptor for over 10 years as his skill and expertise is superior to others.  We pour our hearts into our designs.  We take great pride in making each memorial unique and one-of-a-kind.  This kind of love can’t be copied.

No. Since we are in Memphis, the “distribution center of the world” and home of FedEx, we get amazing shipping rates.  Most of the time you will pay less in shipping from us than you do from a local company.

Traditional shape granite monuments will normally ship in 6-8 weeks. Unique, hand carved, custom memorials can take 4-6 months.  We are constantly striving for the shortest delivery time possible.

No.  If they tell you this they are breaking the law. You may purchase your grave memorial or grave marker from the company of your choice.

We take care of all your installation needs. We will make sure the cemetery allows what we are making for you and find an installer to place the memorial.

We do this at no charge as a courtesy for our clients and allow you to pay the installer directly. The cemetery should offer installation, however you can typically find an independent installer in your local area instead.

We are responsible for the stone until it is delivered. On the rare occasion that a stone is broken, we will handle all paperwork with the trucking company and we will either repair or replace the stone.

No. All companies you see online are not the same. We are memorialists. 

Decades of work, study, experience and desire results in the company you find in West Memorials.  We are memorialists that use the internet to offer our talents and artistry to anyone and anywhere that needs our expertise. We are a memorial company that uses the internet to show you that you don’t have to settle for ordinary memorial art or for being overcharged.

This is great news! The designs you see online what other people envisioned and not necessarily want you will want.

Our goal is to show you that you do not have to settle for common gravestones for those you care about. Everyone deserves something unique to them and the designs shown on our site are there to inspire ideas and share our craft.

If you see the exact memorial you want on our site then that is awesome, but we also encourage questions. This is an important decision and we are the people that can help you the best.