Monuments & Headstones

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Custom Monuments, Gravestones & Headstones

In the realm of remembrance, where whispers of the past linger in the air and time seems to stand still, monuments and headstones rise like silent sentinels. They tell the tales of lives lived, memories cherished and battles fought. Each chiseled masterpiece is a testament to the profound human need to immortalize an individual’s life journey.

West Memorials works with clients to go beyond creating mere memorials. We’re artists and craftsmen dedicated to weaving the rich tapestry of life into an enduring tribute with a profound respect for individuality and a passion for storytelling.

Our skillful team of stone artists specializes in sculpting custom cemetery monuments, gravestones, and headstones from the finest granite, each piece an embodiment of cherished memories.

Custom Monuments

Our team understands the importance of commemorating each individual person. It’s a deeply personal and significant journey that affects all of us directly or indirectly. Our mission is to create custom cemetery monuments that are beautiful and enduring and express deep personal reflections on the lives we celebrate.

The company’s commitment to craftsmanship and our compassionate approach to each client’s personal preference allows us to create a fitting tribute that honors each unique life and story.

Custom Designs

A monument is more than just a stone. It’s a story carved for eternity. Our custom monument designs come from a collaborative process that will be a tribute to your beloved’s individuality and personality. We offer various granite monument designs and employ artistic techniques such as hand carving, sculpting and etching to create fitting monuments for our clients.


Our custom monument creation process starts with the story. We encourage our customers to share their treasured memories, passions, and essence to help us create fitting sculptures that respectfully and thoughtfully express their wishes.

The West Memorials team oversees every step of the creation process carefully and sensitively, from the initial drawings for approvals to the final installation.

Custom Gravestones

Gravestones are more than just markers. They’re stories of a family’s history created in stone for generations to come. West Memorials specializes in artful custom gravestones that serve as permanent tributes to the individuals they represent. Our personalized craftsmanship and dedication to capturing every detail of those memorialized allow us to give each gravestone a respectful and cherished homage.

Custom Details

We ensure all custom gravestone designs are crafted to capture profound expressions of personal legacy. Our team is educated in traditional craftsmanship with modern technology, using processes such as laser etching to achieve precise details and life-like portraits.

Our custom gravestone designs range from classic to modern, accommodating each client’s preference and tradition. We’re particularly adept at incorporating cultural and religious motifs, recognizing their significance in memorialization.


We understand that creating a custom gravestone is a collaborative and personal journey. That’s why our team works closely with you to express your ideas and wishes in intricate detail. Our team of professionals listens to your stories and preferences, allowing them to infuse each gravestone with a deeply personal touch.

Custom Headstones

Headstones are enduring symbols of remembrance, each with its own personal history and spirit. The team at West Memorials is dedicated to crafting headstones that are more than just a tombstone. They’re personal testimonials that reflect each individual’s unique life and legacy. Our commitment to memorial artistry and personalization allows us to make each headstone a dignified and loving homage to the individuals they represent.

Custom Designs

We are professional memorialists, the custom headstones designed by West Memorials are known for their emotional depth and artistic elegance. We offer a tailor-made service that guarantees each headstone is a masterpiece that reflects the unique life it commemorates. Our team also works with high-quality granite to ensure our headstones are not only a heartfelt tribute but also a lasting landmark.


Whether our clients are seeking a subtle headstone design or a grand family estate monument, their vision can be realized as permanent cemetery art. Creating a custom headstone with West Memorials begins by learning about the life story and preferences of the individual, adapting our designs to be expressed in stone.

We Create and Install Granite Headstones, Gravestones and Monuments Nationwide

Granite is renowned for its timeless beauty and enduring strength. This makes it ideal for creating cemetery headstones, gravestones and monuments that last through generations. West Memorials specializes in crafting unique custom monuments, headstones and gravestones that stand as a testament to the lives of the individuals they honor.

Our granite selection comes in diverse colors and patterns, offering several options to suit every client’s memorial type and preference. Using traditional craftsmanship and advanced techniques in our monument creation allows us to sculpt intricate designs and personalized messages that speak to the hearts of those who visit.

You’re not just choosing a granite headstone, gravestone or monument with us. You’re choosing a committed memorial artist to honor your loved one with a memorial as unique and enduring as the legacy it represents.

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West Memorials has helped thousands of families through the process of designing and creating beautiful cemetery art. Our responsibility is to guide you through this process with compassion, respect and professionalism.

We’re committed to supporting you every step of the way. Whether you’re beginning to explore custom monument, headstone or gravestone options or have a specific design concept can bring to realization using your ideas.

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