Jochnowitz granite headstone with tree

Family monument made in any size - Copyright West Memorials

This granite monument was designed for Johann Jochnowitz.  The headstone is located in Beth Israel Cemetery, Woodbridge, N.J. 

Mr. Jochnowitz, a graduate of NYU and Queens College, was awarded a Fulbright and Ford Foundation Scholarship. He was a revered professor of fine art at Kean University for 44 years. In addition to teaching, Jo enjoyed serving on the faculty senate and tenure committee.
Jo taught sculpture at Bucks Rock Work Camp, and additionally through his work at Kean inspired of hundreds of young people. Jo was a master teacher and worked closely to nurture his colleagues on the faculty.
His own paintings and drawings drew as much acclaim as his teaching. Of note, his drawings on the Holocaust were some of his most respected works. He was one of the most unique and talented people you could ever meet and will missed by everyone who knew him.

Missy West designed this granite memorial with significant symbolic meaning for the family.

©West Memorials

Please call 1-800-508-6022 for more information about this monument. We make each custom cemetery memorial one at a time. If you like this design but want to personalize it, we will be glad to send you a rendering. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Color: Peach, Pink

Material: Granite

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