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Custom Mausoleums

West Memorials specializes in creating custom mausoleums to honor individuals, couples and entire families. Designing and building custom mausoleums to memorize your family is a thoughtful way of honoring their memory. We work with a dedicated team to help our clients preserve their legacy for generations to come.

Discussing burial options helps each family have a knowledge base for the creation process. That’s why we work to educate our clients to find the best custom mausoleum designs and lasting monuments that celebrate every family’s contributions.

Custom Mausoleum Designs

The design process of a custom mausoleum begins with understanding the individual, couples, or families it will honor. Our compassionate team considers that typically, a person only experiences one’s life, values, and aesthetics to help us create a mausoleum that reflects their essence.

West Memorials invites clients to participate in every step of the mausoleum-creation process, from conceptualization to the final structure. We use high-quality granite quarried specifically for the construction process and work with the best artisans in the country, who carefully cut and carve each detail with precision. Clients can also rely on us to develop a personalized setting for a customized mausoleum on private property.

 Our larger custom-built mausoleums include additional elements at the client’s request, such as a statues or a niche for cremated remains. The structure’s shape, style and color are completely customizable, with adornments accompanying the mausoleum.

Quality Construction

West Memorials guarantees construction that lasts for generations. Our mausoleums are built with granite, chosen for its durability and beauty, with an approach that combines time-honored craftsmanship using the latest construction technology. Our team aims to deliver a precisely engineered building that is elegant and expressly meets our clients’ personalized preferences.

Each stone is expertly cut and placed, ensuring every detail is meticulously crafted, with a knowledgeable team that oversees the entire construction process. Our goal is to provide a seamless and smooth experience for our clients, prioritizing the structural integrity of the mausoleum while surpassing industry standards.

West Memorials provides engineered drawings for purchasing a private custom mausoleum for your family, which will easily flow with our guidance. There are beautiful options for granite colors, bronze doors and stained glass windows.

We work closely with the cemetery to ensure all components of the mausoleum building meet their rules and regulations. With your approval of the final rendering and engineered plans, we will provide delivery to the cemetery with a construction team of experienced mausoleum builders to erect the stately building. Your mausoleum will be a dignified and sacred place to visit and reflect for many generations.

Estate Mausoleums

Our estate mausoleums are monumental tributes to families, physical remembrance or seeing that their legacies live on for generations. These structures represent timeless landmarks that reflect the family’s accomplishments and heritage.

At West Memorials, we work closely with clients to understand their vision, incorporating architectural elements and ideas ranging from classical elegance to modern sophistication. Our estate mausoleums may include landscaped courtyards, intricate carvings and stately columns, all crafted with the finest materials and workmanship.

We ensure the mausoleum honors the family, symbolizing their enduring legacy and status.

Private Custom Mausoleums

West Memorials specializes in creating private custom mausoleums that are intimate reflections of the lives they commemorate. Our private mausoleums offer a personal retreat for cemetery burial, reflecting the spirit and individuality of those they honor.

We carefully consider and craft every aspect of the mausoleum by including personal artwork and symbols, architectural style or selection of granite colors for beautiful crypt enclosures. We design these structures to be places of solace and reflection, offering loved ones a lasting tribute as unique as the individuals, couples or families they honor.

Family Custom Mausoleums

Family is at the heart of our custom-designed mausoleums. Our compassionate team understands the significance of creating a shared space that celebrates and commemorates the bond and collective legacy of family. We encourage our clients to talk to our design team to create a family custom mausoleum that accommodates their needs and honors their family members’ memory.

At West Memorials, we consider every element of the mausoleum creation process, from designing individual niches or crypts to incorporating family crests and symbols. We make the structure more than just a resting place. It becomes a commemoration of the family’s heritage and love.

For this, we make the planning, design and implementation process as deeply collaborative as possible, ensuring the family’s history, bonds and values are reflected in every aspect of the structure’s design and construction.

Walk-In Custom Mausoleums

Our walk-in custom mausoleums offer clients a unique combination of solemnity and welcoming comfort. We design these mausoleums to provide families and loved ones with a tranquil environment to visit and reflect. Clients can request that they feature comfortable seating, a unique alter design, or a custom-crafted stained glass window.

We can customize interiors with artwork for shelving, personal mementos or photographs, creating a deeply personal space that feels more like a sanctuary. Our walk-in custom mausoleums’ design, materials and craftsmanship reflect the highest quality and personalization standards, providing a dignified and lasting tribute to loved ones.

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