Are you in need of unique and customized headstones, mausoleums, and monuments in Montana? Look no further for your search has finally come to an end! West Memorials is at your service.

Over the years, after having designed numerous memorials, West Memorials has perfected the art — yes, art — of creating headstones, statues, monuments, and mausoleums for your late family members. Drawing on stone has been done since way back when. The purpose? To indicate that we have been here; that we have experienced this world. We believe that we have to leave a place better than how we found it. Our memorials and their designs can be customized according to your preferences. We create each memorial with exquisite care and detail. We pour in our best efforts, time, and passion in each memorial to try and give justice to your late loved ones’ memories. Because of this, we have made memorials for people in ALL states, even several countries as well.

To give you a glimpse of our work, you can visit our site,, Contact us today for more details!