Westport, MA


Seal your loved one’s passing with a beautiful memorial stone custom-made for them. Let West Memorials help you save time in choosing the best memorial in Westport, MA. We have been making headstones, mausoleums and statues for years now. Each stone art we do are made not only with hard work and creativity but also with passion and love for the family who just experienced a great loss. These memorials are the symbolism of our dear departed’s journey and how they have touched our lives. These serves as eternal tribute that will last a lifetime. Let’s make their graves more memorable by getting a classic monument that would make us smile on our every visit.

We know how important this is for you that’s why you can trust us that we will make these stone art with utmost care and beauty. Having made a lot of designs in the past, we can assure you of high-quality services and exceptional results. Talk to us about your requirements and specifications. Contact our office today.