Foley, AL


It’s hard to preserve the memory of a special someone who passed away. Given a choice, we’d still rather be with this person now, going through all the good and even the bad times together. That’s why for us at West Memorials, we listen to your story and give importance to how you would like to remember your dearly departed. We make each headstone, mausoleum or statue in Foley AL as personalized as possible to serve as a magnificent memoir of your loved ones. We don’t just put effort and hard work on our craft because we also put our hearts on it and make it special. This is the reason why we have been in this industry for years now and how we even exceed our clients’ expectations.

Talk to us about your ideas for memorials and monuments. Let’s make our dear departed’s memory so vivid and meaningful that it’s almost like as if they never left us. Visit our website,, and fill out the form on our Contact Us page or call us.