Pieper Jones

Gray contemporary design

Dr. Pieper had a love for music.  He began studying classical violin as a child.  As he moved from California east to Texas then to Georgia, he learned to played western swing and bluegrass.  The design of his headstone needed to have movement and flow.  A unique design concept was presented to the family by monument builder, Paul West.  The upright portion of the headstone was placed in a cradle in the base - think about a violin chinrest.  Upward movement was achieved in the gray granite monument design by placing notched tapers in the top. Individual grave markers in gray granite keeps the design concept clean and contemporary.

This granite cemetery headstone is located in Atlanta, GA - Oakland Cemetery

Please call 1-800-508-6022 for more information about this memorial monument. We make each grave marker one at a time to fit your custom needs. We will be glad to help you with an original design. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Color: Gray

Material: Granite

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