Reeves child carved flowers headstone

Blue granite memorial with dog and flower carvings

This beautiful headstone was made for the Reeves family for their daughter, Rachel. This monument was made for the Reeves family for their daughter, Rachel. With direction that their daughter's favorite color is blue and that she is very girly, it was drawn once and the family loved the design.  We added a hand carved likeness of her dog to the design along with etched portraits on the front and back of the headstone.  This is a hand carved monument in blue granite with two laser etched photos. Losing a child is incredibly difficult, but contact us with your child headstone ideas to express your love.

This memorial design was created by memorialist, Missy West, with help from her daughter, Olive.

This unique gravestone is located in Calhoun, GA - Chandler Cemetery

Please call 1-800-508-6022 for more information about this monument. We design and create each custom headstone one at a time. If you like this design but want to personalize it, we will be glad to send you a rendering. We look forward to hearing from you.

Click here to visit Renee Reeves Memorial Page

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Color: Blue, Color of your choice

Material: Granite, Portrait Etching, Scene Etching