Memphis Belle

"Memphis Belle was a "Flying Fortress" B-17 bomber that became famous just for surviving 25 combat missions in World War II. It was named for pilot Robert Morgan's 19-year-old fiancee, Margaret Polk, a college student in Memphis, and a direct descendant of President James K. Polk.

Margaret broke off her engagement after learning that Morgan was a womanizer (he ended up marrying six wives). But she remained devoted to the airplane that bore her lucky name, and successfully campaigned to keep it on display in Memphis as long as she lived.

In October 2011 a monument was finally unveiled in Memphis. Shown from the knees up, young Margaret Polk stands with her head titled skyward, her right hand shading her eyes from the sun, watching the skies for her beloved bomber to return. The bronze statue is by Andrea Lugar, who also made the bronze Elvis Presley on Beale Street." -

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Color: Brown, Gray, Yellow

Material: Bronze, Granite