Hi Paul,

It's been a pleasure working with you & I'm grateful for your time & patience throughout the process!  I'm looking forward to heading to Nashville in the very near future to see my Dad's memorial in person.

My Dad was a very kind man who always went to the cemetery on each holiday to leave flowers/wreath's on the graves of our departed loved ones back in my hometown of Philadelphia. When he was doing family genealogy research he was dismayed to discover that his dear Grandparents were never given a proper headstone...just a small concrete block with a number assigned by the cemetery. Shortly thereafter he saw to it that he purchased them a headstone to remember their lives. It was so important to him to honor them.

In turn it was so important to me to honor him, a great man & beloved Dad...it's the last gift I can give to him. Thank you for making my vision a reality!

I would not hesitate to recommend you & your wonderful company to anyone who is in need of a beautiful memorial.

All My Best,
Caroline B.

- Caroline B.February 23, 2016