Dear Missy and Paul,

I'm sorry it has taken me this long to write and thank both of you and the rest of your family and workers. The monument you created for my daughter is truly a beautiful work of art. Missy, I want to thank you again for EVERYTHING you did. I never dreamed anyone could create such a beautiful memorial with all the restrictions you had to work with. Just from listening to me about who my daughter was, you still created her monument to reflect Sarah's life and who she was. Your creativity in this arena is unparalleled that I'm aware of. I know that finding your site on the internet was NOT a coincidence. Speaking of that, if anyone wants my validation they shouldn't be afraid of acquiring your services and products over the internet, just have them call me. I will gladly put their fears to rest. You remember how fearful I was of doing just that. That's another thing I need to apologize for. I know my eccentricity in this matter was very trying for you and Paul. To be honest, looking back on it; had the situation been reversed, I would have told you to take your business elsewhere, had I been you. But with you and Paul being the caring, patient and loving people you all are, none of you did that to me. For that I thank you again and applaud you all.

The monument and marker that West Memorials designed and built for my daughter and family is the ultimate I could have ever asked for. I have been told by everyone that has gone to visit my daughter's resting place that Sarah's monument is the most beautiful in the cemetery. I know the owner of the cemetery will be doing business with West Memorials in the future and is proud to have your work in their cemetery. Again, as I've told Paul when I saw the monument and marker, I can only say to the entire West Memorials business and the people that make it up, there are no words to express my feelings toward you all except to say I love you all and thank you for what you've done.

With the greatest of appreciation,
David A.

- David A.December 21, 2010